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A school under sabotage, a raging lightning storm, and four children as different as night and day are thrown back in time into a year where everything has changed. Danger looms, secrets emerge, and clues must be found to bring justice and order back into the future.

Meet Jamie, the cool, laid-back joker. Emmie, the one they call the angry bully. Donnie, the well-mannered class representative, and Lottie… thoughtful, gentle, clever, and kind-hearted.

Together, they must learn to work as a team, face their past, and – for the sake of their future - succeed. Will they survive the school system living in the past? Can they make it through the teachers’ punishments? Will Jamie’s pranks lead them into more trouble? Can Emmie take on a school bully who’s possibly worse than her? Can Donnie learn that class and wealth isn’t everything? Can Lottie overcome her fears and triumph?

Will they ever let Jamie forget about the underpants incident…?

Join them as they are unwillingly thrown together and slowly realise teamwork (and a little bit of luck) can go a long way.







"I like the whole book because it was very funny and had many plot twists. I would recommend this book to anyone who enjoys adventure and comedy." 

Mya, age 10.

"I like that it is funny and such an adventure. I would recommend this book to people who like to laugh."

Ahmed, age 9.



"I like that there are lots of plot twists and there are funny scenes."

Megan, age 9.

"I love the whole book because it is so amazing!"

Phoebe, age 10.

"I love all of it because it's a great book, funny and full of jokes."

Nellie, age 10.

"I like everything about this book. I recommend this to someone who likes time travel and mystery."

Henry, age 9.

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