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A big hello to all my lovely readers.

I am a mum of two girls who, since being a young girl herself, has always craved the magic that simple words on a page can bring. I often found myself lost in many of the different places a book can take you.


My biggest dream has been to bring the same magic I experienced (and still do!) from books to others. So, living in the beautiful countryside in Kent, I  began noting down the whirlwind of magic from my imagination… hereby introducing you to Jamie, Emmie, Lottie, Donnie, and all the other wonderful characters.


As a child, teenager and adult who thought they weren’t good enough to follow their dream, I promise you…


Adventures come and go.

Dreams stay forever.

Time doesn’t slow.

Believe, and it will all come together.

                                                                    -C.B. Munn

If you would like to send me an email, I would love to hear from you.

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