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Hey peeps, I am Jamie. You probably know by now I like to have a joke here and there. I love my sports, but I also like the outdoors. Camping, swimming in the sea, and hiking!

I'm not a big fan of my sister's just doesn't suit me. (Joke!) 

Any words of good advice I can give? Defo! Always remember where you are. Try not to jump up in front of your completely silent class yelling "DAD" at your teacher... CRINGE!!


Humph! I am sure I don't need to tell you I am Emmie. I like my alone time to gather my thoughts. I like being out in nature, and dangerous animals fascinate me! 

I find boys annoying...JAMIE! I am also not a fan of giggling, hugging, squealing girls. 

Something I have always wanted to do? I have always wanted to learn to ride a horse. That's all from me. Laters!



Hiya, I am Donnie or, as Emmie calls me, ‘Posh Boy!’ I have some interesting facts for you. My favourite colour is blue and I like to sing. I love gaming but prefer coding.

I hate sushi... A LOT! 

An embarrassing involved Sushi, an expensive restaurant and not making it to the bathroom in time! 

A secret nobody knows...I have a secret crush... but I am not saying who it is!  :)


Hi, I am Lottie. Thank you for stopping by. I would love to tell you some more about myself. I love to bake, my favourite thing to make is banana bread! I like to watch musicals and go to the theatre as much as possible. 

Hmm, an embarrassing moment... I once baked my dad a birthday cake. Instead of using sugar, I used salt. Urgh, it was disgusting! 

Oh wow...a secret nobody knows... My dream is to become an Aircraft Maintenance Engineer. Ssshhh :)

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